Disney Plus’ new feature should give entrepreneurs an idea: tell stories

The Walt Disney company late last year launched its Disney Plus channel to great fanfare.

The release, as expected, was huuuuge.

I grabbed it on its first day and have since spent many a night with Aladdin, Simba and the Daikinis hanging out with Wicket in the movie “Willow.”

But more recently, a new feature caught my eye.

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Vet your PR firm. Please.

For most of my nearly 10 years as a professional journalist, I have written about young companies and, more specifically, tech startups.

It wasn’t that long after I began doing so that I developed an appreciation for the hard work that it takes to build a new company.

While you spend most of your energy on building a success, external factors team up to push against you.

One of those factors can be a public relations company that doesn’t know how to pitch a reporter.

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Learn a few tricks from other industries – like hotels

Why share a photo of a grand opening of a new hotel that already has a big following? Because you can learn a few things about how this 21-year-old brand started by Jimmy Buffett pushed its debut.

The marketing firm behind the event invited as many bloggers, reporters and newsmakers as it could.

The result in today’s world is a high cadence of stories and blog posts that keep the Margaritaville resort in the public eye for weeks.

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