Don’t be intimidated by other business’ content. Keep doing it.

It’s an easy slope to go down.

You think you’re doing a good job creating content for your small business or startup.

You are blogging once a month, let’s say. Every now and then you post a short video just to make sure you’re present on platforms like YouTube.

Facebook? Well, that’s easy because you’re on there all day, anyway.

Still, when you look at the giants in your industry – or even the smaller business right up the street from you – they blow you away.

I can’t say this more directly: Don’t stop producing content.

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A simple exercise to update your business blog

NOTE: I am sharing a blog I posted on my LinkedIn page, which you can FIND HERE, about how you can update your business’ blog very easily today.

What I love about storytelling is that it is visceral.

For example, if I tell a story about my mother, who has worked a graveyard shift for more than 30 years, helped keep our family together even after my dad died more than 20 years ago and for the last 10 years has kept active by mowing the lawn, pulling weeds and just doing general maintenance and upkeep on my childhood home in Chicago, it could touch off memories of your own mother’s sacrifices.

Maybe your father was the one who worked the graveyard shift.

Or perhaps your own home was overrun with weeds and it reminded you of that one day when you were out cleaning up with your sister.

The point is that the best stories have ties to an emotional connection.

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