Where to reach me

I’m a huge fan of pursuing your interests unashamedly. That’s what I do.

To reach me directly for any of the efforts you’ll find below, you can email me at marcosantana77@gmail.com.

Reach out and we can work together.

If you’re interested in technology news of Central Florida, visit my WEBSITE and connect with me to share your news.

The same goes for Orlando-based video game news and information at THIS WEBSITE.

I’m also a big fan of video games and run EVERYTHING VIDEO GAMES, a website that is, well, all about gaming. Please join me there and subscribe to follow along.

Here’s a concise set of links, if you’re interested.

Orlando Tech News, which shares Orlando’s tech story

Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

The OVG, a news site for Orlando’s video game community.

Website, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

My personal sites, which focus on helping startups.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

Also, just for good measure, here’s where you can connect with my LINKEDIN PROFILE.

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