Where to reach me

Email me here: marco@marcosantana.com.

But alternately, you can find me all over the Web on social and several websites as I have a bunch of interests. That’s not unique.

But what might be different from some people is that I often put those interests into a website.

I own several domains and social media channels related to those websites. Some are brand new. Others are longer-term pursuits.

If any strike a chord with you, check them out. I will list them by entity/outlet. Warning: It’s a lot.

Orlando Tech News, which shares Orlando’s tech story

Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

The OVG, a news site for Orlando’s video game community.

Website, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

My personal sites, which focus on helping startups.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Also, just for good measure, here’s my LINKEDIN PROFILE.

I have a website coming soon that will be devoted to the Chicago Cubs.

As you can see, I keep busy.

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