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My thoughts on Orlando’s tech community

Every so often, I’m asked about my thoughts on how Orlando’s tech community has been growing.

Usually, it’s a casual conversation, had over drinks, lunch or perhaps just sitting in the coworking space I now work out of.

The message is usually similar.

I included below my thoughts, which I shared with someone in the community who was trying to measure the community’s pulse.

Note that I am positive about the community and think good things are on the horizon. However, it’s also been apparent to me that some elements need to shift to allow the ecosystem to grow and move forward.

“I think Orlando has more tech than even its leaders know about. One thing that I have said for years is that we have silos when we need cohesion because no single industry here is big enough yet to individually make a regional impact on  its own.

I think many businesses still think in terms of competition rather than cooperation. That’s detrimental.

I think I’d love to interact with the Orlando Tech Council because there are ways that we as a community can build our brand and our impact that I don’t think anyone is doing just yet.

All of these weaknesses are magnified when you factor in that Tampa has been getting rave reviews for its tech scene. Orlando should blow Tampa out of the water but it never will if there is no cohesive messaging.

Would love to help craft that message or grab coffee if you’d like to talk further.”

Signed: A dude whose job it has been to measure the community’s pulse for nearly a decade.

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