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Learn a few tricks from other industries – like hotels

Why share a photo of a grand opening of a new hotel that already has a big following? Because you can learn a few things about how this 21-year-old brand started by Jimmy Buffett pushed its debut.

The marketing firm behind the event invited as many bloggers, reporters and newsmakers as it could.

The result in today’s world is a high cadence of stories and blog posts that keep the Margaritaville resort in the public eye for weeks.

On the flip side, the owners of a local restaurant and bar have been dragging their feet on marketing as it launches a sister location right next door.

The bartender there did not know my background as we chatted.

He told me they were relying on word-of-mouth as a strategy.

Naturally, I checked their social media.

Their Facebook page had several posts in the first few days of the page getting set up but then tailed off.

Also, the content did little to distinguish itself from the bajillion other restaurants out there.

It was a food pic, snappy caption, no hashtags.

That gives visitors little reason to follow you and keep you on their radar.

You need to engage with your content.

Quick fix: highlight your people. Does a bartender have a signature drink? How about a short video highlighting it?

Is your chef formerly of Walt Disney World (there was one)? Put him on your front page once a month with his favorite dishes or even a short bio.

There are spectacular stories to be told right in your office. Find them. Tell them.

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