My thoughts on Orlando’s tech community

Every so often, I’m asked about my thoughts on how Orlando’s tech community has been growing. Usually, it’s a casual conversation, had over drinks, lunch or perhaps just sitting in the coworking space I now work out of. The message is usually similar. I included below my thoughts, which I shared with someone in the community who was trying to measure the community’s […]

Repeat after me: “My people are my content”

It’s an ages-old comment. When company leaders think about their business, more often than not they say something along the lines of, “Our people are our greatest asset.” This has long been true in business, of course. Without good, quality people, a business’ environment and atmosphere runs the risk of being toxic. However, let’s take a look at this statement from a content […]

Don’t be intimidated by other business’ content. Keep doing it.

It’s an easy slope to go down. You think you’re doing a good job creating content for your small business or startup. You are blogging once a month, let’s say. Every now and then you post a short video just to make sure you’re present on platforms like YouTube. Facebook? Well, that’s easy because you’re on there all day, anyway. Still, when you […]

Your story pitch is closer to you than you think

He’s a legend. I’m not. He literally wrote the book on a specific writing discipline in 1979. I was 2. Nonetheless, it took all of two pages (and the top of Page 2 at that) for screenwriting legend Syd Field to make a point that I swear I have been making independently for years.