Tips and strategies to help your business learn and tell its story

Apple CEO Tim Cook and tech reporter Me Santana.
Apple’s PR team reached out directly to only me when they wanted to tell their story of a scholarship they were awarding a Central Florida teen. Now, I want to help you tell your story.

Storytelling is the key to :insert any kind of effort in 2021 here:.

There are few shortcuts to creating a connection with a potential customer better than sharing as much of yourself or your business’ experience as you feel comfortable doing.



In today’s world, with social media options growing regularly, getting a handle on your story, understanding how to make the media care about it and, ultimately, knowing how to tell it yourself are crucial to success.

Yes, you still need to have a viable product, do market the research and do all that successful businesses have done for decades. But story is a huge factor now.

I should know. For more than 10 years, I was on the receiving end of thousands of story pitches as a business reporter.

In that time, I learned which approaches worked. I learned which approaches did not. A large part of this blog is set up to teach you those lessons.

I’ll share that the successful businesses that I ran into, the ones that still exist, shared in common their devotion to storytelling.

My time as a business reporter focused primarily on small companies, startups and technology.

I have met and spoken with hundreds of founders.

I have interviewed tech heavyweights like former America Online CEO Steve Case, Twitter cofounder Evan Williams and Apple CEO Tim Cook.

These interactions gave me a unique perspective on entrepreneurship.

The main lesson? Building a business is not easy.

If it were, everyone would do it, right?

I hope this blog helps startups grow, learn their story, figure out where to tell it and learn how to get other people to be compelled to tell it, too.

Social media is a powerful tool.

So is your story.

Let’s learn together how to use them.

Telling my community’s story

The storytelling skill has many uses and I’m building something that I hope helps my community.

There is a lot to do in Florida, as most know. Sure, it starts with the Walt Disney Worlds and Universal Studios of the world.

But you go to any corner of The Sunshine State and you’ll see so many regional attractions that help cement the state as a top tourism destination.

Of course, that meant coronavirus made a huge impact on the state’s bottom line and, perhaps more importantly, the bottom lines of thousands of business owners in this community.

I’m trying to help how I can.

I have started a vlog/blog that features these businesses. You can find that elsewhere on this site (click in the link on the menu above). Please support my efforts and let me know where in the state you would like to see me go.

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