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Don’t be intimidated by other business’ content. Keep doing it.

It’s an easy slope to go down.

You think you’re doing a good job creating content for your small business or startup.

You are blogging once a month, let’s say. Every now and then you post a short video just to make sure you’re present on platforms like YouTube.

Facebook? Well, that’s easy because you’re on there all day, anyway.

Still, when you look at the giants in your industry – or even the smaller business right up the street from you – they blow you away.

I can’t say this more directly: Don’t stop producing content.

You don’t know their circumstances.

Fresh content about your company – be it a look at what you do or a look at who you are – is a shortcut to getting people to care about you.

They might happen to have a creative person on their payroll who can pump out content every day while also doing their completely unrelated job.

OK, this isn’t a post to say “Keep on doing it! I believe in you! Kumbaya!”

This is a post to say it’s important for you business’ growth to keep on doing it.

Fresh content about your company – be it a look at what you do or a look at who you are – is a shortcut to getting people to care about you.

That’s what all good companies are doing right now. It is what they have always done.

There is a reason the era of “Mad Men” was so lucrative for a handful of businesses that remain relevant today.

They kept themselves in front of their audience.

The platforms have changed but the strategies have not.

Let’s be real, of course.

If you are a beachwear manufacturer, someone sitting in Alaska isn’t going to all of a sudden say, “You know, I should buy from them. They are good people!”

There is a reason “content is king” has become a phrase as common in our language as any other.

Some businesses do content so well that you don’t even realize your high opinion of them is because they are constantly in front of you. That’s your goal and you won’t get there on day one.

You also won’t get there on day two and you most certainly won’t get there if you have stops and starts every few months.

You want proof? Look in the mirror.

You don’t realize that the daily vlogs or Instagram posts from that business down the street or at the opposite end of the country have turned you from a casually interested observer to an invested consumer of their content. You care about them because you basically know them.

That’s the power of content.

The secret, however, is that most of these creators are doing little more than leveraging very accessible platforms, putting out a solid story and using the tools out there to help more people see the message.

As you sit and wonder if that blog in your drafts folder is good enough, they release 4 pieces of content and (a little tip) have taken those four pieces and turned them into 18 pieces of smaller posts that will keep their social fresh for a month.

In the future, I will break down different platforms and how to use them.

Am I the authority on them? Of course not but I’m a storyteller and have been for years. One thing you learn as a storyteller is that the medium through which you tell a story is sometimes as important as the story.

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