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On rocket launches, historic tragedies and tech

Hey there.

I’m Marco.

Some may know me and others may not. That’s OK.

Either way, I hope this website brings you some value.

I wanted to create a blog post that gets you more into who I am but also sets up this site as a place that I can share stories about both my journalism career and on being the son of two deeply blue-collar workers who worked hard to succeed.

It’s not that I’m anything special.

It’s that I was able to find the people who were generous enough and cared enough to help me achieve some spectacular things.

No, I’m not going to write about how I won 12 Pulitzer prizes (I didn’t), received some fellowship to the New York Times (I didn’t) or am considered one of the best reporters in history of the world (I’m not).

I was an adequate journalist who occasionally worked on some high-profile stories but never lost the sense of wonder and always kept his head on straight under pressure.

I was a reporter who could be relied upon, for the most part, to produce decent work and build a good rapport with the community.

I could speak eloquently and properly to both the biggest tech minds of the world and the mother of a 12-year-old boy who had been gunned down hours before.

Yes, both of those situations happened, unfortunately.

The bottom line, however, is that I have many stories to tell and to this point I have not been telling them.

In future posts, I’ll share how I found myself hundreds of feet in the air doing twirls and dips in a biplane.

I’ll tell the story of June 11, 2016, the night before the tragic and historic shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, when I was out and drove by the club mere hours before it all happened (not to mention that I lived less than two miles from it at the time).

I’ll talk about my summers spent teaching young journalists about the industry.

This blog also gives me a venue to share stories of my community that don’t necessarily fit into the niches I’m building of Central Florida tech or video game news.

It has been a fun life and ride and I want to share with you, even if it is just to create a sort of a record of all the cool things that have happened to me – and some not-so-cool things, too.

If that sounds interesting, go ahead and follow the site, comment your thoughts and thanks for reading.

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