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Offer executive access and 2 more tips for pitching a reporter

Some PR advice but first, my story.

Six years ago in October I moved my life from Des Moines, Iowa, to Orlando, Fla.

The job at the Tribune company-owned Sentinel was a pathway back to my home Chicago.

Instead, I got hooked and have made a life (and started a blog and website) in Orlando.

This wasn’t the way it was supposed to happen. In the immortal words of Dr. Ian Malcolm: “Life (dramatic pause) finds a way.”

I spent 11 years as a journalist. In that time, there were a handful of pitches that stand out.

This is why they did.

1. I was offered real executive access.

I didn’t mind talking to public relations peeps but give me the CEO. It indicates you believe your story is worth telling and not just by people paid to tell it.

2. Hand off some experts in your industry.

Yes, this can be abused. But I loved when I’d get a pitch and a couple of industry leaders or analysts would be included in the pitch. Bonus points if said source wasn’t a cheerleader but a realistic assessor of a business’ viability.

3. Highlight your people.

This one is frustrating to me because I believe everyone has a story to tell. Even some journalists disagree but, to me, I like to tell interesting people stories that happen to mention a business. Not a glorified press release about a new widget.

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