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Guster shows how to do social media

Social media has become one of the quickest ways for people – and businesses – to rake in the attention of those who probably would never have heard of them.

If you do it right, I imagine you’re a big fan of the potential return on investment there.

The band Guster recently gave a lesson on the power of social media on its Instagram page.

The band did an impromptu street performance that was seen in person by just 12 people.

However, one of those people streamed it on Facebook Live. The result? more than 500,000 people viewed the performance.

It’s a direct example of the power of social media, right there.

Startups are missing a prime opportunity at potential exposure if they are not taking full advantage of how easy these platforms are to use and learn.

Yes, it’s a commitment of resources.

But it’s one worth making because growing your startup is all about attracting eyeballs to your company.

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