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Disney Plus’ new feature should give entrepreneurs an idea: tell stories

The Walt Disney company late last year launched its Disney Plus channel to great fanfare.

The release, as expected, was huuuuge.

I grabbed it on its first day and have since spent many a night with Aladdin, Simba and the Daikinis hanging out with Wicket in the movie “Willow.”

But more recently, a new feature caught my eye.

“One Day at Disney” gives viewers a glimpse into the lives of the people who make Disney tick.

The first episode – which is basically a 10-minute snippet of an hourlong show – highlights an animator who worked with Robin Williams on Aladdin.

Check out a screenshot above.

The channel’s approach to storytelling should tip off entrepreneurs and ecosystem leaders.

I have not been secretive on this blog about my appreciation for storytelling.

Basically, you don’t have to wait until a reporter bites on your story pitch to get your story told.

In today’s business world, the platforms you can use to tell it yourself are endless.

In casual conversations, I often ask business owners how many employees they have.

Whatever the number, it means that business has that many stories that they could tell.

That ad rep you just hired? Get them on video to talk about their first job.

The engineer who has been with the company 7 years? Ask them what they like to do away from the office.

Even those two people, if done well, can provide content for your company’s social media pages, website and newsletters for a couple of weeks.

So where do you start? Just get started.

Pick an employee. Spend 10 minutes with them. Get the story you want. Then make a schedule of platforms that you will post the stories on. Rinse and repeat.

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