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Effectively building a product-based startup from Y Combinator

I don’t pretend to have all of the answers.

On the contrary, I think one of my strengths is my ability to take lessons from others out there who have more experience than I do.

It’s one reason I enjoy watching Gary Vaynerchuk videos.

This blog is meant to walk you through different stages of starting or growing a business.

Ultimately, I want you all to skip the ones that don’t apply to you but pay close attention to the lessons that intersect with whatever area or stage of business you are in right now.

For instance, if you have a product-based business, the folks at the highly regarded Y Combinator program have some advice for you.

I will occasionally dip back into this program and others, offering my context to supplement the lessons they share.

For instance, one thing that this lesson does is make sure you understand that product building is a repeatable process … and so is pitching to the media.

“Create some sort of cycle with some sort of cadence, as soon as possible,” Y Combinator CEO and partner Michael Seibel says in the video.

Watch the rest of it below. I have included a timestamp table of contents that Y Combinator showed off on its page, too.

00:00 – Have a process to get product out the door
1:02 – Decide on a release schedule
1:15 – Put someone in charge of product
1:34 – Establish KPIs
1:47 – Create a theme for the product cycle based on a KPI
2:00 – Product meeting
2:30 – Brainstorm new features, bugs, and tests
3:35 – Sort each into: easy, medium, or hard
4:59 – Pick the hards first
5:30 – Spec the ideas out and assign tasks
6:00 – Shut up and get to work
7:00 – Testing

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